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Auto Dent Repair


Auto dent repair is the method of removing vehicle dents, which happen due to collisions. It can be done on all types of autos. The time taken for the whole process depends on the size and position of the dent and the technician's ability. It also depends on the magnitude of dent.


Normally, two types of auto dent repairs are in evident.

         Paint refurbishment repair and

         PDR (Paintless Dent Repair).


Paint refurbishment repair -  is well suited for the larger dent and the method involves a variety of processes such as pulling or hammering out dents, grinding, chiselling, and sanding. Technicians make use of a variety of tools; pullers, dent hammers, drills, fender picks, and rivets depending on the type of dent.

If the dent is too large or cannot be repaired, the whole panel or section of vehicle is removed. In such cases, pulling or pounding out is done before the panel or section is removed, and the new portion is attached by welding. Once the above process is over, the repaired area is primed for further painting.


Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) - is generally used for smaller or minor dents, dinks. Dents are removed with the help of specialized tools, the paint or the original factory finish of the dent section remains as such and the cost involved in painting is eliminated.


PDR – The right treatment for your car!

Nowadays you see cars around in need of desperate attention and due to the credit crunch; no one wants to take the risk of cashing out for replacements. However, there is an easier way. Repairs are so much easier, faster and more affordable than replacements; it’s the perfect option for you and your car.



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